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Build a powerful, fast, user-friendly, and reactive web application

Provide amazing user experiences by leveraging the power of JavaScript with ease

Apply for high-paid jobs or work as a freelancer in one the most-demanded sectors you can find in web dev right now

Learn all about React Hooks and React Components

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30 Hours45 Mins
10 Sections
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10 Sections

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Course Curriculum

10 sections • 80 lectures • 3045m total length

Understanding HTML, CSS, JavaScript
React JS Introduction
React Basics & Working With Components
React State & Working with Events
Rendering Lists & Conditional Content
Styling React Components
Debugging React Apps
Working with Fragments, Portals & "Refs"
Advanced: Handling Side Effects, Using Reducers & Using the Context API
React & Optimization Techniques
An Alternative Way Of Building Components: Class-based Components
Sending Http Requests (e.g. Connecting to a Database)
Building Custom React Hooks
Working with Forms & User Input
Diving into Redux (An Alternative To The Context API)
Building a Multi-Page SPA with React Router
Adding Authentication To React Apps
Deploying React Apps
Animating React Apps
Testing React Apps (Unit Tests)

ReactJS Course in Malayalam for Beginners

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was developed and maintained by Facebook and has become one of the most popular libraries for front-end web development. React uses a component-based architecture, allowing developers to build and reuse individual components to create complex and dynamic user interfaces.

One of the key features of React is its use of a virtual DOM, which provides significant performance improvements over traditional DOM manipulation. The virtual DOM only updates the necessary components when the state of the application changes, resulting in faster and smoother updates to the user interface.

Getting started with React requires a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. React uses JSX, a syntax extension for JavaScript, which allows developers to write HTML-like code within their JavaScript files. There are many online resources and tutorials available to help beginners learn React, including the official React documentation and the React community on GitHub. React also has a large and supportive community, making it easy to find help and guidance when needed.

In conclusion, React is a great choice for beginners who want to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces. With its component-based architecture, fast and efficient virtual DOM, and large and supportive community, React provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to get into front-end web development.

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