Best Companies to Work for as a Fresher in Kerala

Aparna Prasad

a year ago

The IT industry is at its best currently, and the opportunities available are massive. With the onset of IT parks, cities in Kerala, including Trivandrum, Kochi, and Kozhikode, have become the birthplace of many software companies. These software companies brought about a culture of digital literacy in Kerala, with most of the youth shifting to the IT field. With the huge number of companies, how do you, as a fresher, choose the right one? The right one would combine both industry exposure and perks. Here are the current best companies to work for as a fresher in Kerala.


Starting off with Wipro, being an MNC, provides all the perks one may need. Extensive training in your particular domain will give you the kind of industry knowledge you'd need. Wipro is also one of India’s leading IT companies, so chances are you’d get a lot of options for networking, not to mention a good brand name. Wipro always has mass hiring drives for freshers; however, there are a lot of rounds in the interview process before a candidate gets selected. Wipro also has a certain bond that freshers must sign

Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland Global Services is known for its good work culture, which is not surprising considering its good blend of all kinds of people. Sutherland Global Services does train a lot of freshers and will also help you get a global perspective on everything. Again, being a huge company, the scope for networking is high here. However, the work-life balance is said to be a little on the unsatisfactory side, compared to the salary paid to freshers as the work culture here is shift-based.

Ernst and Young

Ernst & Young, or EY, is yet another MNC with highly paid employees and many perks. The exposure offered here also meets international standards, as most of your clients would be international. Your corporate etiquette can be perfected at EY, thanks to the great networking opportunities they provide. Work-life balance is, however, unsatisfactory, just like at every other MNC, with working on most weekends becoming a must-do.

Why working in a Startup is considered Ideal for Freshers?

Startups are considered ideal for freshers because of the indefinite availability of opportunities they provide. If you genuinely want to see your contribution to the company, startups are the way to go. Not to mention the easy transition from college to working life, startups also offer the right kind of work-life balance. Startups are also constantly evolving and are always looking for better ideas for innovation. The exposure a startup offers is different, as a startup doesn’t allow you to stay in your comfort zone. It's an all-hands-on-deck situation, and the more, the merrier! You are not limited to your job description, and this makes you highly skilled. Even your soft skills take a huge leap here. Allowing you to handle major decisions, startups teach you through implementation. Here are some of the best startups to work for in Kerala!

SEEROO IT Solutions

Based in Kalamassery, Kochi, SEEROO IT Solutions has a glassdoor rating of 4.4. This software company defines itself as an IT partner for your business. Established in 2007, SEEROO IT Solutions considers brainstorming a vital part of its day-to-day activities. Being a startup, a lot of multitasking is also a part of SEEROO IT solutions, as you’re asked to adorn multiple roles.

Blue Horizon Infotech

Blue Horizon Infotech has its headquarters in Ras Al Khaimah, with its offices situated both in Kadavanthra, Kochi, as well as Ras Al Khaimah. It is known for its SaaS products, which provide for global clients as well. Blue Horizon Infotech has a glassdoor rating of 4.4, with many applauding its amazing work culture. The work environment at Blue Horizon Infotech is considered quite helpful for freshers.

Accubits Technologies

Located in Technopark Trivandrum, Accubits Technologies’ primary focus is AI and Blockchain development. Established in 2012, the company is based in Washington DC with offices in both Dubai as well as India. The company has a glassdoor rating of 4.2, showcasing its innovative work culture with opportunities to learn stuff on your own which means sharing responsibilities will also be part of the job.

InfoCom Digital Media

InfoCom Digital Media is a software and game development company that caters to a global audience with its office situated in Smart City, Cochin, Kerala. InfoCom Digital Media has worked on projects with TCS and Wipro as well, thus increasing your networking chances. The company has a glassdoor rating of 3.7, with many praising its team-building skills. As a startup, each individual bears some responsibility for the company.

Zartek Technologies

Zartek Technologies is a startup based in Kalamassery, Kochi, that focuses primarily on making mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Zartek also provides business development and digital marketing strategies for your product. With a glassdoor rating of 4.7, Zartek aims for a flexible working culture, not to mention the training provided for freshers. With their salary meeting industry standards, this company might be an accurate pick for freshers seeking exposure.

Making the right call

Being a fresher, opportunities may be limited. Choosing from these would be even more tedious, and the factors to be considered may keep piling up. When choosing a company to apply to as a fresher, do proper research as to what the company stands for. What is its work culture, and does the company meet the salary requirements of the industry? Understanding what you're looking for could range anywhere from exposure to soft skill development to financial independence. With these in mind, you can filter out the ideal company for you.